Sewing Machine

Because of my daily dose of craft-browsing, I have been craving to sew things for a couple of months now.

I spent quite a couple of hours of drooling over the net on many kinds of DIY pouch and purse… oohhh the colour combination really nice..  Few sites that I frequent (not limited to) are See Kate Sew , then Project by Jane and Japanese Sewing Books and of course Craft Passion.

And am too lazy to sew manually by hand again. So I tell my hubby that I want sewing machine for my Christmas gift :p

Ikea Sewing MachineIKEA Sewing Machine to be exact 🙂 Small-sized but it can do a lot of things, even a button hole!

Unfortunately, it is not available in Indonesia .. or even in Asia 😥

And since it is quite heavy (6kg) to ask someone to bring it back to me so I have to look for other alternatives..

My cousin told me about some other mini sewing machine that are available in Ace Hardware. Simple search through the web did not return any result so I will have to try to stop by the shop this weekend if time permits.

Well, we’ll see if I can get my Christmas gift on time. Altho, deep down inside I still crave for IKEA Sewing Machine