Kwetiaw Kerang cabang S.Parman

I get to know about this place from a friend. The shop is located behind BCA Pantai Indah Kapuk (opposite Waterbom Jakarta).

They have the option of fried kwetiaw with or without cockles. I tried the one with cockles and the portion is quite generous. Taste-wise: not bad!




Bakmi Gandi 73

I heard good reviews about this place for non-halal noodles and we did have a good impression on the noodle when my brother brought it to family gathering some time ago. So we were very eager to try it out again.

They are located in Muara Karang near wet market and normally opened from morning til 3pm only.

I like the noodle texture.. It’s just right, not too soft, not too tough. They didn’t have much of side dishes when we were cause they don’t have enough helper around (it’s Eid holiday).

We tried their regular noodle. Hubby loved it. While I liked the noodle texture, I found that the overall taste is a bit too bland.



Sushi World PIK

Went to Sushi World again for the third time now. This time is because I purchased deal from LivingSocial for 1 appetizer, 3 sushi and 2 drink for less than IDR200k (cant remember exactly how much).

The sushi there is quite tasty. Definitely not the best but one that I wouldn’t mind going back for sushi again and again. Especially when the popular sushi chain prices keep going up.

So we ordered chicken karage, dragon roll, wow wow sushi and sushi world roll. Nothing too fancy but all were tasty.

Sushi World
Pantai Indah Kapuk – Rukan Crown Golf Blok B 27, Jakarta
(021) 83-83-83-12


Auntie’s Lomie PIK

We always love the taste of garlicky lomie that we frequent in Singapore so when we spotted a lomie shop at PIK, we went ahead and tried it.

The lomie here is different with the ones in Singapore. The usual lomie (a.k.a lor mee) in Singapore is thick soup based with crunchy pork lard and spoonfull of chopped garlic on top of the noodle. This lomie is slightly less thick soup based topped with minced meat that has been fragrantly stirfried with onion (bawang merah).

The taste is equally nice. However, due to personal preference, I prefer the garlicky taste of Singapore’s lor mee

We also ordered their special noodle. It tasted ok but not to die for. I would probably go back for their lomie but not noodle



Grandma Thai, PIK

Been wanting to try this restaurant since before it was opened because we tried Grandma’s Suki and absolutely love it! While I am not really a fan of suki, I found Grandma’s Suki really tasty and don’t mind going back again and again! Will post later about it.

So since they share the same Grandma logo, I assume they are under the same management and I did really hope they share the same good taste. They both are generally quite busy and crowded during meal times.

We ordered Fried Taro IDR30k, Papaya Salad IDR35k, Green Curry Chicken IDR48k, Tom Yam Fried Rice IDR35k, Lemongrass Tea IDR18k and Thai Ice Green Tea IDR18k.

The foods were a little bit spicy and overall taste were ok.
But honestly, if I were to crave for Thai food, I would still prefer Jittlada.








Agantea PIK (closed)

Bought coupon from Disdus for a stamp card that consists of 5 medium tea and 2 fries for IDR99k.

First impression as we walked into the shop: dirty! There were bubble tea plastic cups and plates clattered on the table when all staffs were idling behind the counter.

We were the only customer there. Ordered red bean matcha and milk lid mango tea as they were among the recommended options on the menu.

Around 10 mins later, we got red bean milk tea(!) and milk lid mango. Ok, one order went wrong but we didnt complain as we also did not really checked the receipts. Milk lid mango tasted ok while the red bean milk tea tasted horrible 😦