Yes, I do love Japanese food so most of my food adventure is going to be about trying out Japanese food eateries wherever I am.

A couple of weeks ago, I read post on Marufuku. Some people say their food is truly authentic Japanese food with heavenly taste so it sparked my curiousity.

We went to try this restaurant about last week just few days after Eid Holiday so the traffic was considerably smoother around town.

Marufuku is located at blok M area in a neighbourhood called little Tokyo here in Jakarta. Honestly, I found the area a bit creepy. Lots of pubs and clubs mixed with a lot of Japanese restaurant. No wonder the area is called little Tokyo.

As we sat down and ordered the food, we realized that we were the only ones not Japanese there (apart from the staff). All other guests were Japanese.

Ordered chicken katsu curry rice, salmon aburo sushi, gyoza, agedashi tofu. Loved their curry rice, gyoza and agedashi tofu but nothing special about the sushi.

Address: Jalan Melawai 6, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 7267777








Sushi World PIK

Went to Sushi World again for the third time now. This time is because I purchased deal from LivingSocial for 1 appetizer, 3 sushi and 2 drink for less than IDR200k (cant remember exactly how much).

The sushi there is quite tasty. Definitely not the best but one that I wouldn’t mind going back for sushi again and again. Especially when the popular sushi chain prices keep going up.

So we ordered chicken karage, dragon roll, wow wow sushi and sushi world roll. Nothing too fancy but all were tasty.

Sushi World
Pantai Indah Kapuk – Rukan Crown Golf Blok B 27, Jakarta
(021) 83-83-83-12