Kwetiaw Aciap

I always love kwetiaw no matter how they cooked it. I just like the texture and taste of the rice noodle. So we went to Kwetiaw Aciap for lunch today.

It’s halal so no pork but it’s soooo good ๐Ÿ™‚ almost as good as the non-halal Medan version of kwetiaw that I deeply love.

This was my second time having kwetiaw bun. When I first tried it, the shop assistant told me that kwetiaw bun is half fried and half siram (what is the english word for siram?).

It’s just perfect, not too dry and not too soupy.



Soto Kudus Blok M

At first I thought the place would be like any other soto eateries (small shop along the street) but I was surprised to find out that they have their own building: one very big house just for them.

The soto itself is quite good. I ordered two coz the serving is pretty small. The taste and serving size is similar to soto in Semarang. Tried their side dishes (perkedel and tempe bacem) and they are good too. Three of us ate six bowls of soto :’)

Soto Kudus Blok M
Jl. Wijaya I no. 44
Jakarta – Indonesia


Hunan Kitchen, Jakarta

Tried this restaurant because of a friend’s recommendation and also when I browsed about it, most of the reviews said the food is good there. The decor is typical Chinese restaurant.

We tried fried and steamed meat dumpling, hunan style fried ribs and hunan style veggie. Loved the dumplings and veggie! Very tasty and not oily. The ribs were too tough to chew while I prefer tender ribs. You can feel the traditional Chinese cooking through their dishes.
Total costs (with 2 rice and chinese tea) IDR180k

Hunan Kitchen
Jalan Mangga Besar 1 St. No. 61
Mangga Besar, 11180


Grandma Thai, PIK

Been wanting to try this restaurant since before it was opened because we tried Grandma’s Suki and absolutely love it! While I am not really a fan of suki, I found Grandma’s Suki really tasty and don’t mind going back again and again! Will post later about it.

So since they share the same Grandma logo, I assume they are under the same management and I did really hope they share the same good taste. They both are generally quite busy and crowded during meal times.

We ordered Fried Taro IDR30k, Papaya Salad IDR35k, Green Curry Chicken IDR48k, Tom Yam Fried Rice IDR35k, Lemongrass Tea IDR18k and Thai Ice Green Tea IDR18k.

The foods were a little bit spicy and overall taste were ok.
But honestly, if I were to crave for Thai food, I would still prefer Jittlada.








Tea Garden Resort, Lembang

Went to Tea Garden Resort earlier this year. Got a great deal from LivingSocial at IDR 700k for a cottage (additional IDR125k to be paid at Resort for weekend surcharge).

The view is breathtaking, the cottages and resort is beautiful.

Too bad it is not well maintained.
The floor was dirty when we first stepped into the cottage, phone was not working as well. The staff was slow (but friendly). I really hope that the management would do something to improve the condition. It would be such a waste to see that beautiful place deteriorate